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FRANCE Métropolitaine Hors Corse

Montant commandeFrais de port
< 59€ ttc6,99€ ttc
> 59€ ttcGratuit
maxi 5Kg 


Montant commandeFrais de port
< 79€ ttc9,99€ ttc
> 79€ ttcGratuit
maxi 20Kg 


Montant commandeFrais de port
< 14,99€ ttc4,99€ ttc
> 15€ ttc et <199€ ttc10,99€ ttc
> 199€ ttc4,99€ ttc

maxi 20Kg

France Corsica only


Montant commandeFrais de port
< 199€ ttc10,99€ ttc
> 199€ ttc et <299€ ttc5,50€ ttc
> 299€ ttcGratuit
maxi 20Kg 


France Overseas only

Montant commandeOutre Mer 1Outre Mer 2
0 à 1,1Kg16,99€ H.T19,99€ H.T
1,1 à 2,1Kg20,99€ H.T29,99€ H.T
2,1 à 5,1Kg29,99€ H.T49,99€ H.T
5,1 à 10,1Kg49,99€ H.T99,99€ H.T
10,1 à 30Kg99,99€ H.T239,99€ H.T


European Union


Rest of the world

On quotation only

Bulky, non-standard on pallets

Bulky or bulky products (over 20kg). We adapt the carrier according to the type of products, usually by courier (road transport

Outboard engines, annex packs, generating sets, annexes according to models, ...


Important! Carrier reserves

Please note, when checking in, check the condition of the parcel and the merchandise BEFORE signing the remittance slip.
No refunds can be made if you do not make reservations at the reception.

We are responsible for the transport of our warehouses to the place of delivery. As soon as you recover your parcel / merchandise, the transfer of responsibility takes place between you and us ... So it is very important that you issue reservations to the carrier if your package seems damaged. Do not hesitate to open the parcel in front of the carrier, it is best to make reservations immediately and in writing directly to the delivery person or simply refuse the parcel for the reason of damaged parcel. Unfortunately, we can not make any claim beyond this deadline, the transfer of responsibility falling to you.

It should be noted that most carriers, if claim for damage accepted, reimburse a fixed price per tranche of Kg of merchandise.

The reservations must be clear and precise as to the nature and extent of the damage. Indeed, "vague" reservations are likely to give rise to dispute and the words "subject to control" or "subject to unpacking" or "damage to be verified" have no legal significance.