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Binoculars stabilized 10 x 42 L IS WP CANON


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The 10x42L IS WP binocular that incorporate lenses L Series high precision in a waterproof and tough case, provide a vision of a sharpness and unsurpassed brightness, free of vibration thanks to their image stabilizer.
The quality of professional goals... for a pair of binoculars!

Professional performance
The 10x42L IS WP are the first twins Canon with the edging red, typical of lenses L series, until now reserved to the best-performing Canon professional lenses.
They thus represent the culmination of 60 years of design and manufacturing of optical precision gun experience.
These twins, who joined the clan of references in terms of optical performance, are equipped with two glass lenses UD (Ultra low Dispersion) to ultra-low dispersion for each of their objectives.
Developed by Canon, these lenses eliminate chromatic aberration and its effect of iridescence that often annoy observation with conventional binoculars. Result: images of a sharpness and a remarkable, richly contrasting, brightness for an observation with a magnification of 10 x in the best conditions of comfort.

Guaranteed stability
To remove vibrations to the grip, to the movement of a vehicle or a boat, the 10x42L IS WP binoculars are equipped with an image stabilizer (IS) to prisms to variable angle (VAP).
Tiny gyro sensors detect the slightest movement and transmit to a computer chip that controls the prisms to variable angle to correct the angle of refraction of incident light and compensate for the effects of camera shake of the image.

All time
Designed to withstand the worst weather outdoors, the 10x42L IS WP binoculars are perfectly sealed. They have an external type finish "grip" providing an easy and safe grip in particularly humid atmosphere conditions. Their solid rubberized coating resists all types of outdoor adventure.

To avoid fogging on the lenses inside the case and due to the infiltration of moisture, all external surfaces are treated with a special metallic coating.
For even more efficient sealing, o-rings and specific adhesives equip every external contacts to prevent the penetration of molecules of water inside the binoculars.

Precision optics
All lens surfaces are processed by the Canon Super Spectra coating. This is to ensure the formation of brilliant and richly contrasting images with precise color balance through the elimination of any internal reflections at the origin of "ghosting" (secondary images) and diffracted images (low-contrast images to the washed out colors).
The large diameter exit pupil (4.2 mm) provides a field of view of a remarkable brightness, even in low light conditions.

The design of each of the elements of the 10x42L IS WP binocular is centered on the comfort of vision.
A broad field of 65 ° to encompass a large part of the horizon while the long eye relief of 16 mm to avoid vignetting or "tunnel effect", which can restrict the field of vision of the spectacles. A locking diopter correction mechanism to avoid an unintentional misadjustment and the eyecups can be adjusted simply by turning.

Technical data:
Quality of professional L series lenses: the ultimate in optical precision!
Optical image stabilizer
Rugged, waterproof construction
Magnification 10 x
High brightness: 4.2 mm exit pupil
Anti-fog technology
Long eye relief of 16 mm
Wide field of vision 65 ° weight: 1030g (without batteries)

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Binoculars stabilized 10 x 42 L IS WP CANON

Binoculars stabilized 10 x 42 L IS WP CANON

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